Our Kitzbühel Alpine region with the impressive mountains between the Wilder Kaiser and the Kitzbüheler Horn!

Experience the four seasons with their many facets & advantages. Be inspired! And take time out to relax and be happy! In the fabulous region of St. Johann in Tyrol!

Welcome to the spring awakening

The Kitzbüheler Alps is a paradise for nature lovers and active holiday makers!

When nature emerges out of hibernation and the first buds open, the region gradually reveals itself in its full splendour. The mild temperatures invite you to explore the mountainous landscape and replenish energy. A particularly fascinating time here on our farm are the spring months of May and June when deer fawns are born. The lively activity in the animal world gives our farm a special atmosphere, which you can experience up close, making your holiday an unforgettable adventure.

Unforgettable summer dreams

In the Kitzbüheler Alps - a paradise for those seeking relaxation, adventure and nature lovers

Experience a summer holiday full of diversity and natural beauty. Discover the endless opportunities the region between the 'Wild Emperor Mountains' and the Kitzbüheler Horn has to offer, and create memories in one of the most beautiful summer destinations of the alps.
Not only breathtaking mountain landscapes, but also a variety of natural lakes, perfect for refreshing swimming days. For those seeking adventure, there are a multitude of activities up the mountain to try out.

Summer activities in the Kitzbühel Alps

The most beautiful mountain destinations

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Immerse yourself in the fabulous splendor of colours

Autumn and the natural spectacle of our red deer during the rutting season!

Autumn in the Kitzbüheler Alps is a time of transformation, when the leaves glow in warm red tones, luminous yellow and rich orange. Experience the magic of this season, while walking in the clear mountain air and enjoying the incomparable beauty of nature.

A special autumn highlight, the red deer rutting, when the majestetic males present their impressive antlers and fight for the favour of the females. This natural spectacle gives the autumn landscape on our farm a special touch. Take time to observe the deer and listen to their impressive roar. This natural spectacle can be witnessed from the middle of September to the end of October here on our farm.

Winter wonderland

St. Johann in Tyrol promises a winter holiday full of adventure, fun and unforgettable moments. Welcome to a winter paradise, where all your winter sport dreams come true!

Jump into the fascinating world of winter sport and explore one of the three largest skiing areas in Tyrol for unforgettable adventures in the snow.

For cross-country skiiers the area boasts a wide network of tracks, taking you through snowy forests and picturesque villages. Experience the peace and quiet of the wintery nature and fill your lungs with fresh mountain air, in the middle of the impressive Kitzbüheler Alps.

Discover untouched nature away from the pistes on a snowshoe walk. Through snowy forests and over glittering snow fields to hidden places, which have a special magic in winter.

Spoilt for choice of ski resort

St. Johann family ski area

Cross-country skier's paradise

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