Deer Farm holidays at Berghof Haselsberger

(Hof Gasteig):

Take your time and enjoy your holiday with the whole family in the Kitzbühel mountains.

The special holiday on the farm with its own deer park.
Be part of the daily deer feeding!

In the 4th generation the deer farm Gasteig is managed by Peter and Monika Haselsberger.

In May 2016 we started with the deer breeding. Peter built a deer park and bought twelve deers in Styria and they share an area of ​fields and forest of about 3 hectares which run around the house - in the background the mountains.
We run with enthusiasm the red deer breeding and the animals feel visibly well.
Our first offspring a small deer was born on 19.06.2017 - in total, five pieces were born in 2017 and by 2018 we had nine pieces.

The roaring scream echoes across the meadows. Loud. Energetic. Engaging. Quiet. Only birdsong can be heard. Nothing is to be seen. He is suddenly heard again. The pithy sound from the forest. The view wanders towards the trees and there he appears. His head was raised high. A red deer. One of our residents at Berghof Haselsberger.

You can experience this natural spectacle always from September-November with us. The rutting time lasts about 3-4 weeks.

In the spring, the snowdrops bounced off the fields and nature slowly awakens from hibernation and from May - July (about 35 weeks after the rutting season) you will be fascinated by the offspring, the spotted deers. In summer, the Tyrolean natural landscape beguiles in rich green, in the middle of the stately red deer. A highlight in the autumn, in addition to the colorful plant world is the deer breast. The pithy rutting echoing across the yard. A winter dream, red deer in full head of hair in snowy mountain and winter landscape.


To sell deer meat from the farm

Hof Gasteig

now you can buy the biology wild meat and the improved wild meat products & taste.
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